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Earthly Bodies, Subterranean Rhythms is a multimedia installation,  with two main pieces. Fungi Living Assemblages, human-scale sculptures built with clay, that became livable spaces for mycelium and mushrooms, and Shapes of Continuity, a path built in collaboration with roots, seeds and soil. The installation includes two videos that document the making processes and reflect on the Body Itself as a Perspective, and Care as a Method. It also includes two artist’s books: Rhizomatic Thoughts, which collects quotes and reflections present in my work and Earthly Textures, which documents tangible encounters that took place along my research. Microscopic images appear in my work, as a way of exploring diverse dimensions of relationships and points of view of other-than-human matter, bringing tools from science into the art field.   

These artworks intend to get involved with the huge subterranean bodies that grow underground beyond human sight and (start to) actively listen to the entangled rhythms of a living soil that —literally— supports us.

(Practice-based research in the context of my Master in Art and Humanities

at the Master Show at DJCAD, Dundee, September 2022)

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