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SPROUTINGS, Landscapes in process

time - programming - gestation

Landscapes, sprouting spaces. Each one, scene of a specific vital situation, with its requirements, its relationships, its temporalities.  


Transitory images that grow, mutate, and transform. 

What happens when living matter turns into plastic material? How do I intervene for the landscapes to still be alive? Should I even intervene? How far if at all? What is my relationship with them?

The emphasis on the process and the experimentation as main guides of my work. The tension between control and uncertainty. The articulation between disciplines: art and science, sculpture and botanics.

The mutual dependence between growth and environment, inhabitation and context. The landscape as a space of memory, the body as landscape. The question about our relationship with and our acts towards nature, in urbanized contexts. The strategies of living matter to grow and perpetuate itself: its intrinsic force for being under any circumstances. 

These are the main queries and explorations that this research incites and reflects upon.

(Installation in ANSIA Gallery, La Plata, September 2017

musicalized by María Fernanda García)

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