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Living sculptures, transitory images installation

Always, Didi-Huberman (2000) states, when we face an image, we are facing time.

To remain and be transformed is a temporary, non permanent, stagnant or determining invitation to reflect. It makes it possible to ask oneself about the present of the image dialectically. A composition of several times in different planes forms before the spectator. 

What we see and can think of as the synthesis in the instant that we experience the installation, is the result of a long journey of process and research. The temporality of the image, alongside the material’s own, is connected to the perception of them. 

These live sculptures challenge us from the question on the historic bond between nature and human beings. 

Julia Cortese

The living sculptures by Irene Aldazabal are far away from the cold and immutable objects of traditional sculpture. Nature -chaotic and perishable- is presented to us as objects for contemplation that take it out of context to frame an instant. A false attempt of control over the indomitable gives birth to a network of interrelated stories: life and death processes occur before our eyes. Sculpture palpitates. Life is no longer obvious.

Gabriela Toro



(Sculpture Major Thesis Degree Public Exhibition, FdA, UNLP, Thesis director: Silvina Spinardi

Agricultural and Forestal Science School, UNLP, La Plata, December 2018)

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